Completely pure, Salt Natural Park Ebro Delta Nature has crystallized under the Mediterranean sun in a protected natural paradise. Harvested by traditional methods is not subjected to any chemical treatment that might adversely affect health.

The fine salt "The Preferred" is a product of high purity. Its handling is performed under the strictest controls to come to you with total quality assurance. This type of salt, for special treatment, offers a fine-grained and loose.

Bath salts Relax Waves of providing the benefits of an ancient therapy update your fingertips in a full range of bath salts, natural sea-based. Essential oils, essences and scented moisturizers that provide the best and most relaxing for both skin care and spirit.

Thanks to its crystallization process by the action of natural elements like wind and sun and subsequent centrifugation, use our agri-food products have a salty taste and clean guaranteed.

Jaime Altava official distributor in Spain of the company's products Danlind. Leading company since 1928 of Danish industry in the manufacture of laundry detergents, dishwashers and water softeners in both pill and powder

Salt produced specifically for water treatment and maintenance. Presented in different formats and finishes to ensure maximum performance in each of its uses: dishwasher softening, softening, water treatment or natural bactericide without requiring chemical treatments and preserving the environment at the same time improving water quality

Deicing Salt keeps communication channels open allowing the production and terrestrial communications to run their course even in the harshest conditions.


Los procesos de control de producción y calidad de Sal Altava han sido reconocidos con diversos certificados que avalan la trayectoria profesional de la empresa en pos de la excelencia.

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